The Secret to Pick the Best Electric Bike for You

     The recent petrol crisis has caused many of us to rethink how we travel, particularly on shorter journeys and daily commutes. Some people began to consider buying an ebike for their daily life. What is the most suitable ebike for you? How to choose best electric bikes for you? There are 3 important factors to consider.

1.Choose the right bike type based on your needs

     Think about these question before buying an electric bike.

  • Is speed important for you when you ride electric bike?
  • How often will you use ebike?
  • Do you want a throttle to use the e-bike without pedaling?
  • What is the main purpose of the e-bike? Carrying baggage, transporting children, or commuting?

     There are three main classes of ebike(more information please check how to classify ebike):

Class 1: pedal-assist electric bikes with low speed and with a motor that is activated through pedaling. The motor will cease to provide assistance when the bike reaches the speed of 20 mph.
Class 2: throttle electric bikes with a motor that is geared by a throttle (it could be grip-twist or a button), which could be used even without pedaling. This class of ebikes has a maximum speed of 28 mph. HJM Toury and HJM Toury Step-Thru belong to class 2 e-bike. HJM ebikes are the most cost-effective among similar bikes. It's selling like hot cakes!
Class 3: also pedal-assist electric bikes, same as class 1, but the maximum speed is 28 mph and they are equipped with a speedometer.

      Electric bikes are designed for different people and different purposes. The perfect electric bike depends on what you need. If comfort is your first choice, then a fitting size for you may be the best choice. HJM ebikes support adjustable seat and handlebar which you could adjust them according to your own need. If hill climbing is the key, a powerful motor and appropriate tire may be best. HJM ebikes are equipped with 750W brushless gear hub motor and 26*4.0 all-terrain tires, which could meet your need. If riding long distances is crucial, then a battery of 400 watt-hours or more is most appropriate. HJM electric bikes equipped with 48V 14Ah (672 Wh) LG Li-Ion would meet your need. Understanding your personal needs will help you pick the perfect electric bike for you.

 2. Calculate how much you want to spend

     It is crucially important to make sure your budget is in mind before you buy an electric bike since an e-bike's price can range from $1000-$10,000. Consider how much you want to invest in your electric bike, especially given our special situation in 2021. You may benefit a lot from choosing an alternative transporting vehicle to help you commute or travel around.

     There are plenty of electric bikes with different styles and models which could meet your need. At this time, having a budget in your mind could help you be able to make a comprehensive and rational decision when comparing your e-bike choices before making a purchase. It is essential to note that a higher price does not necessarily mean a higher quality ebike. HJM wants to make the best electric bikes at a reasonable price at which it is worth.

3. Make Sure Your Bike Lasts Long

      As the e-bike market continues to grow, there are lots of electric bikes brands, and they release hundreds of electric bikes every year. However, you should judge your electric bikes before purchasing on three points: quality, and service, in order to make sure your bike lasts long. 


      First of all, motor and battery are the first two factors you need to consider. A more powerful motor delivers more speed to help you keep up with traffic and more torque for climbing hills and hauling cargo. A more powerful motor also runs out the battery faster, reducing your riding range. Therefore, a battery of big capacity helps markedly. Capacities are stated in watt-hours (Wh). A watt-hour is a composite unit of energy which means the number of hours a battery can sustain 1 watt of power. When comparing different e-bikes, you’ll see a broad riding range such as 20-100 miles. HJM Toury and HJM Toury Step-Thru are equipped with 750W brushless gear hub motor and 48V 14Ah (672 Wh) LG Li-Ion battery, which performs well during hundreds of test riding.

      Besides, there are also other features to consider when you buy an electric bike. Brakes helps a lot on riding safety. Many entry-level ebikes are likely to choose braking systems from Shinamo or Tektro. HJM ebikes is also no exception.(More information about what HJM do for safety) Handlebar and comfortable seat matter too. HJM ebikes support adjustable seat and handlebar in order to meet the demand of different people. 


      Quality counts, but service counts as much. Beyond the type, cost, and quality of the bike, you’ll need to consider service. If you are fresh about ebike, and really want to try it, HJM provides 30-day free trials, which is the longest free trial among many electric bike brands. Sometimes service is also a sign of quality. HJM ebikes are of high quality, that's why they provide 30-day free trials and a 2-year warranty. Choose one brand, not only choose their products, but also their service.

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