What does HJM do for safety ?

Safety of riders.

1. Specialized brakes system.

HJM Ebikes are equipped with Tektro brake system, which is specialized with 29 years experience of building the highest quality braking systems available in the bicycle industry. The professional brake system makes each ride safer with its outstanding brake effect.

2. Reliable lithium HJM batteries are covered with 2 year limited warranty.

It’s Legend brand which is specialized and reliable, also applied in Tesla electric vehicle. It is of large capacity and stable performance and designed as removable which is convenient for charging and storage.

3. All-terrain fat tires.

HJM tires are of KENDA or CST brand. They’re not only anti-skid and puncture-proof, but also marked with reflective strips. These makes HJM e-bikes adapt to various terrains and situations.

4. Each HJM bike is equipped with some lights with different functions.

There are font lights,rear light, brake light, left/right turn signal and emergency flashers. You can choose different lights in different situations to ensure safety.

5. Multi-functional colorful display screen.

The display screen will show remaining battery power, total/single mileage, speed, assist pedal level, light on/off, etc. Additionally, it is sensitive to light. When it’s dark, the front light will be on automatically.

6. Adjustable saddle and handle bar stem enable you feel more comfortable and less tired during riding.

7. The ring bell is always available besides the brake lever when needed. 

Safety of e-bikes.

1. Derailleur protect frame is designed to prevent it from breaking when the bikes fall down.

2. Stainless steel spokes are of great strength.

3. Aluminium frame is light and strong with total payload capacity of 310lbs.

4. Painting on the frame is water-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-rust making the bikes more durable.

5. The battery is designed as removable which is convenient for charging and storage. You can take it out of the bike and keep it well to prevent it from stealing.