6 Tips of Extending Battery Life

HJM bikes are equipped with excellent batteries with high performance. Even though, battery maintenance is an indispensable process to keep your battery in great shape for years to come. This process will help keep the cells in the battery balanced and operating as efficiently as possible.

Charge timely after each ride to keep it full charged.

A regular deep discharge also helps to "activate" the battery, which can slightly increase its capacity. The general method is to fully charge the battery after the first occurrence of under voltage protection, and the battery capacity will be improved.

Keep an eye on the battery when charging. Never leave a battery unattended while chargingor overcharged for a long time.

Keep the battery dry. Though the battery is water-proof, you are suggested to remove the battery when you flush and clear your e-bike.

Protect the charger. Try not to carry charger in the bike to prevent parameter drift or even damage due to vibration and turbulence. Besides, make sure it’s in a ventilated and dry environment.

Develop good cycling habits. When starting, slowly turn the handle, the motor has a certain strength after a little pause, wait for the wheels began to rotate from slow to fast to a certain speed, and then continue to accelerate. When the road is flat, choose different speeds for different road conditions, and try to reduce braking and re-acceleration. Acceleration is actually a very power-consuming process. You can ride the fastest when the road condition is good. The 0-5 pedal assist level and 7 speed derailleur in HJM bikes will make your ride more smooth with less electricity.