3 Tips For Healthy Summer Riding

It seems much more attractive for people to ride in summer than in winter. The wind and the scenery is the most enjoyable and amazing especially at summer sunrise and sunset. Some enthusiasts say "Riding at night is a blast. Even though the temps may be hotter at 8 PM than they are at 5 AM, not having the sun beating on your face makes a huge difference! " Indeed, many groups in the valley do weekly night rides in summer.

Here are three tips for summer riding to help those that are suffering with heat or new to riding in summer.

Bring plenty of water. More water is needed during summer riding since riders have a faster metabolism in hot circumstance. Basically, 1 litre of water for every 50km. Drink some water often instead of drinking until feel thirsty. A water bottle holder is mountable on the frame of HJM Toury e-bike, which is a stylish way to stay hydrated on a hot summer ride. 

Replenish enough energy. Both sugar and inorganic salts are necessary for our body. Bring some chocolate or fruit to keep energetic when riding out since you may ride HJM ebikes to several miles away from your home.

Pay attention to heat dissipation. Although you can ride Ebikes easily and leisurely, it's important to prevent yourself from strong sunshine, but don’t wear thick jeans and long sleeves. A summer helmet, sunglasses, short sleeve cycling suit, sunscreen or summer cuff leg cover will be good choice. Try not to pack and carry with shelves. Do choose a professional cycling backpack, which provides better heat dissipation than a regular hiking bag. Some accessories will be available on our website.