Four Typical Benefits to Ride E-bikes

Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular and quietly turn into an indispensable part in our daily life, especially with the influence of COVID-19. 

"Growth in e-bikes has been at historically high levels," said Dirk Sorenson, sporting goods industry analyst at NPD Group. Sales of e-bikes rose by 84% in March, 92% in April and 137% in May, according to the latest NPD data.

There are generally four benefits of E-bikes and that’s why the young choose to ride E-bikes.

Ride freely.

Just like traditional bicycles, you can ride the E-bike to places where cars are not allowed or buses are not available. You can also easily ride it to further destinations. HJM bikes are equipped with all-terrain fat tire which can adapt to different road conditions.

E-bikes with pedal assist make each ride easy and relax. There are 0-5 level of pedal assist for HJM bikes and you can also ride without any pedal in throttle mode. Lots of people say”The great thing about the e-bike is you get fresh air/exercise and don't have to shower at your destination. "

It’s impressive to enjoy the wind under the mode of throttle only. When you arrive in a scenic park or ride by a beautiful lake, you can stop and enjoy the scenery. Some people say ”Only I think I turn into a 10 year old girl every time I ride! And any day can be a nice day!”

Ride safely.

Speed adjustable. E-bikes can be pedaled only as well as pedaled with assist. HJM bikes are designed with 7-speed derailleur and 0-5 level pedal assist. Speed can be controlled by yourself in a reasonable range. The maximum speed is roughly 20 mph. 

Excellent brake performance. E-bikes are equipped with disc brake. HJM bikes have chosen Tektro brake system which is specialized with 29 years experience of building the highest quality braking systems available in the bicycle industry. The professional brake system makes each ride safer with outstanding brake effect. 

Reliable batteries. The lithium battery is the main battery used in E-bikes. The LG lithium battery matched with HJM is of large capacity and stable performance. It is designed as removable which is convenient for charging and storage. A typical HJM electric bike can cover 37 miles with full charge in the daytime and you can take the battery home and charge it at night.


Easy to cargo. Most of E-bikes were designed to support children and cargo payload capability. It helps us to pick up children, pets, or other cargoes.

Commuting, leisure and exercise applicable. You can ride E-bikes to go to work without any sweat, ride for fitness and also enjoy the fresh air when tired.

Additional functions. There are some common additional functions such as mobile phone charging which is applicable both in the battery and LCD display of HJM bikes.

Environmental friendly

E-bikes can achieve zero emissions, no noise without polluting the atmosphere. A car usually needs 5-15 litres of petrol and a motorbike 2-6 litres of petrol for a 100km journey, while an e-bike costs only 1-3 KWH. With the pollution more and more serious on our planet, environmental protection becomes more important and riding E-bike is actually a wise choice to make contribution to protect our world. 

Get on the train of E-bikes and head to a easier, happier, cleaner journey!