Charger Safety Information

1. The charger should only be used indoors in a cool, dry, and ventilated area on a flat, stable, hard surface.

2. Always charge your battery when the surrounding temperature is between 10 *C -25 C (50 *F -77F).

3. Avoid contact between the charger and any liquids, dirt, debris, or metal objects.

4. Do not cover the charger while in use.

5. Store and use the charger in a safe place away from children and away from potential damages caused by falling.

6. Fully charge the battery before each use to ensure that it is ready to perform to its best ability every ride, to extend the life of the battery, and to reduce the chance of over-discharging the battery.

7. Do not charge the battery with any chargers other than the one originally supplied by the HJMBIKE or a charger designed for your specific ebike and purchased directly from HJMBIKE.

8. The charger works on 110V-240V,47-63HZ standard home AC power outlets and automatically detects and accounts forincoming voltage. Do not open the charger or modify voltage input.

9. Do not yank or pull on the cables of the charger. When unplugging, carefully remove both the AC and DC cables by pulling on the plastic plugs directly, not pulling on the cables.

10. The chargeris designed to get hot when operating. lf the charger gets too hot to touch, you notice a strange smell, or any other indicator of overheating, discontinue charging immediately and contact HJMBIKE Support for help.