1.About E-bike.

HJMBIKE aims to provide products with high quality and durability and we believe you will feel good with it. Also, you can apply for our product warranty service if there is a performance failure during the effective warranty period. The rights and claims arising from this warranty are in addition to your statutory rights. As a matter of principle, we grant a limited warranty of 2-year or 1500 miles after receiving the order. Our e-bikes are warranted to be free from manufacturer defects in materials and/or workmanship as details stated below:

Warranty Period:

2 years or 1500 miles from the date of order receipt.

This warranty is exclusive to the original purchaser and is non-transferable to subsequent owners or users. The original purchaser is defined as the buyer listed on the HJMBIKE website.

Covered Products:

This limited warranty applies solely to electric bicycles/tricycles manufactured, assembled, or sold in new condition by HJMBIKE.

In the event of replacement equipment issuance, the warranty coverage will extend for six (6) months from the date of replacement equipment issuance or until the existing warranty period expires, whichever is later. HJMBIKE reserves the right to replace equipment with items of equal or greater value.

Coverage Components - Core Components - 2 years:

Defective motors, batteries, controllers, displays, and frames will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer. Only HJMBIKE is authorized to assess defects in motors, batteries, controllers, displays, and frames.

Furthermore, Motors, batteries, controllers, displays: This warranty excludes defects or damages resulting from the following actions or conditions:

- Damage due to improper use and operation

- Other conditions not explicitly listed herein but not covered by the warranty

Frames: This warranty excludes defects or damages resulting from the following actions or conditions:

- Corrosion

- Paint fading, scratches, and impact marks

- Impact damage

- Irreversible modifications (e.g., drilling or welding)

- Chain guards installed on frames (if applicable)

- Other conditions not explicitly listed herein but not covered by the warranty

Coverage Range - Other Essential Components - 6 months:

Front forks, handlebars, handlebar grips, seat posts, saddles, brakes, lights, cranksets, pedals, rims, hubs, freewheels, derailleurs, shift levers, throttles, wiring harnesses, brackets, sensors.

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage:

- Any components experiencing normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty, even with proper maintenance. These components may undergo normal wear and tear as an inevitable consequence of usage and/or exposure to environmental factors.

- Loss of electric bicycles/tricycles due to theft, robbery, or vandalism.

- Normal wear and tear parts or consumables, including but not limited to tires, inner tubes, brake pads, rotors, bearings, stripped threads and bolts, cables, fixtures, chains, freewheels, and spokes, are excluded from the warranty.

- Any damage resulting from the omission of any HJMBIKE terms or manuals or from part wear caused by incorrect adjustments is not covered by this warranty.

- Any damage resulting from non-compliance with the instructions outlined in the electric bicycle/tricycle user manual, improper installation/assembly, acts of God, accidents, collisions, misuse, improper repairs, negligence, abuse, commercial use, alterations, modifications, corrosion, improper maintenance, installation of parts or accessories not intended for their intended use or incompatible with the electric bicycle/tricycle sold, operator errors, water damage, extreme riding, stunt riding, and/or inadequate subsequent maintenance are not included within the warranty period.

- HJMBIKE will not cover any third-party service or part replacement costs unless agreed upon before any service. Please submit a quote for approval. Any repairs carried out without notifying HJMBIKE are not covered.

- HJMBIKE is not liable for any damage, malfunction, or loss resulting from unauthorized repairs or the use of unauthorized parts.

- The warranty does not apply to any damage caused by power surge, the use of damaged/incorrect/unauthorized chargers, inadequate handling, improper storage, regular wear and tear, corrosion, negligence, accidents, exposure to inappropriate environments such as but not limited to humidity or extreme temperatures, or water damage.

- The limited warranty becomes void if the electric bicycle/tricycle is abused, neglected, improperly repaired, inadequately maintained, modified, altered, involved in accidents, or subject to other abnormal, excessive, or improper use (as determined by HJMBIKE).

- The serial number of the electric bicycle frame is altered, removed, or difficult to identify.

- Warranty claims are made by anyone other than the original purchaser.

- Other conditions not explicitly listed herein but not covered by the warranty.

HJMBIKE retains full discretion to determine whether damage or defects to electric bicycles or covered components are protected by this limited warranty.

About Accessories:

Complimentary accessories are not covered by the warranty.

Warranty Claims Process:

  • Keep the original package just in case you need to ship the item for warranty.
  • Don’t attempt to repair or replace it by yourself before contacting us, or you may invalidate your warranty and cause additional damage.
  • If you have any warranty claims, you must show proof of purchase. If you need to repair the ebike, please provide the serial number of the ebike (located in the head tube position of the ebike), the battery number, and take clear photos or videos of the damaged part so that we can provide appropriate advice and solutions.
  • After 15 days of receipt and within the warranty period, the customer is responsible for the return shipping cost of the replacement product, and the shipping cost to the customer will be borne by HJMBIKE.
  • Our customer support team will process your warranty request in 2-3 business days.
  • Warranty should be initiated via email at

Shipping Damage Claims:

IMMEDIATELY inspect your product for damage. Shipping damage claims are extremely time sensitive. We only accept shipping damage claims within 3 days after receiving the product. Take pictures of any damage that is found and date the images when possible. Keep all packaging and paperwork until the inspection process is complete. Please contact our customer support team at:

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