Saddle Is Insignificant? Of Course Not!

The cleaning and maintenance of the main parts of e-bikes are of great significance for riders who love bikes. Although it is not a particularly complicated project, it requires patience, love, and patience at every step.

The saddle is different from the structure that requires regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure normal operation, such as transmission and braking. It’s not directly related to the e-bike's operating conditions and riding efficiency even it’s not maintained. But it is important for comfortable riding, especially for long-distance riding. If the saddle is not maintained well, you will be insufferable on the bike and difficult to hold on.

The daily maintenance of the saddle can be summarized as 3 points: cleaning, checking and replacing when needed. Specific maintenance methods include the following aspects.

Clean in time

You can use a soft cloth and neutral detergent to clean it. Use a soft brush to brush it gently if necessary, and then wipe it clean. If you sweat on e-bikes especially in summer, wipe it in time. As you know, sweat is acidic, which will corrode the surface of the saddle(especially the leather cushion) if keep on it for a long time.

Check regularly

Check whether the saddle screws are loose or tightened. If they are not tightened, it may break during the stress process.

Adjust the cushion angle

Adjust the cushion angle to fit your riding posture as perfectly as possible. An inappropriate cushion angle will not only put pressure on our hips, but also cause extra pressure on the cushion itself.

Wear the right pants

Try to wear trousers made of soft fabrics such as cycling pants or sports pants. This can minimize the wear and tear between the pants and the cushion surface. Hard pants such as jeans will intensify the friction between pants and the cushion.


-Carbon fiber cushions

Basically, you only need to wipe and keep it clean every day. But do not to expose to the sun for a long time, which will accelerate the aging of the material.

If your cushion is with a plastic bottom plate, check whether it’s crooked frequently. Because the plastic material is not strong and easy to get soft. A rider with strong explosion force may make it crooked.

-Leather cushions

Just as cushions of HJM bikes. Try to keep them in a favorable environment neither too damp nor too dry to prevent the surface from cracking unexpectedly.

Try not to get caught in the rain, and wipe dry in time after the rain. Usually, after wiping and drying, you can use special leather care oil to care for it to make the surface look more shiny and textured.

-Artificial leather cushions wrapped with sponge

Remember to stay away from sharp objects and avoid rain. Otherwise, you will find your buttocks get wet after riding for a while, especially when the artificial leather on the surface is cracked. Since the sponge inside is easier to absorb rainwater, and not easy to dry.

-Light-colored cushions, especially white

It is extremely easy to be colored by your pants. Therefore, taking good care of such cushions start with choosing a good pair of riding pants.

Protect the saddle so that it can serve you better and longer.