Helpful Knowledge About Disc Brakes

Brake plays an important role for security. Such device has no right to failure. While the use of disc brakes is becoming more and more popular, the choice of the brake system should be based on the rider's own riding style, needs, budget, etc. HJM e-bikes are equipped with mechanical the disc brake.

What is disc brake?

The disc brake is specially arranged with the disc brake slice. The tension of the brake wire makes the brake pads in the calipers rub and clamp the disc to produce the braking effect.

Why disc brake?

Great brake performance. The braking effect is obvious and strong when it works. It is of great performance and safety with the most effective cost.

Less affected by severe environment. It can operate in wet, muddy and rough condition.

The convenience of compatibility. The mechanical disc brake can be applied to the general V-brake handle.

How to use & maintain?

1. Regularly clean brake handleand the dustaround the gripper.

2. Keep your disc free of any oil/grease, including all sprays and keep the shape of disc. Don't touch the disc with your fingers, palms or the back of your hand.

3. A contaminated rotor should be cleaned with a detergent solution, rinsed thoroughly and dried.

4. Pad should be replace when total thickness is less than 0.8mm or contaminated.

5. Frequently check the wear and tear of the disc, especially riders who often ride in wet and rainy days.

6. Disc brake pads, caliper and rotor get extremely hot when used. Care should be taken not to touch them while it’s hot.

7. When going down a long slope, it is not suitable to brake continuously for a long time.

8. The disc brake system offers a significant increase in braking performance. Test it gradually on a flat surface until you are accustomed to the braking power. If you lend your bike to another person, make sure that he/she is also properly accustomed to it before riding.

9. Check whether there is abnormal sound of brake before riding.

10. Do not use any special products to clean the related parts of the disc brake system except special oil remover and high purity isopropyl alcohol.

11. Turn to a professional or qualified mechanic or HJM service center if you have any problem, instead of trying to mend it by yourself.