Be Friendly To Your Tires And You'll Reward A Lot

Bicycle tires are in contact and friction with the ground all the time, so the maintenance of bicycle tires is very important. Here are some tips for you to be friendly to tires.

1. Do not expose to the sun when it’s hot.

If the bicycle is left in a place where the sun is strong for a long time, the ultraviolet rays in the sun will lead to tire aging.

2. To pump up the right amount of tire pressure

There are suggested tire pressure shown on the tire surface. Follow the parameters given on the tires when pumping. Generally, novice riders will pump by experience.

Notice, don’t inflate too much especially when it’s hot. Over-inflating can make cycling uncomfortable, and may lead to tire explosion which affecting the life of tires.

3. Cleaning the tire

Most people have realized the cleaning and maintenance of the tire, but a few will clean the tire surface deeply. That means, use a brush to remove the dirt and sharp objects sticking on the rubber. Then flush them with clean water.

4. Check the tires after riding

Every time you finish riding, you have to check whether there is glass, iron wire or some sharp objects. If you find them, clean them up in time.

5. Don't let the tires be corroded

E-bike tires are made of rubber. So tires can’t touch the oil, acid, flammable and chemically corrosive products when riding or parking. Otherwise it will cause corrosion, deformation or softening. Therefore, check and clean after riding is of great meaning.

6. Be gentle during the ride

Most of the tire problems are caused by the cruelty during the riding process. Try to avoid the tough road and avoid objects on the road.

7. Note E-bike storage

It’s improper to place the E-bike under strong sunlight. If you do not ride it for a long time, you still need to check and inflate it regularly. Do not leave the tires in an airless state for a long time.

8. Exchange tires

The degree of wear and tear of the front and rear tires is different. So you can exchange them after riding for a period of time if they are in the same size. Note, just exchange the tires, not the rims.

9. Don't be overweight

 Overloading of bicycles will affect the life of the tires. On the premise of safety and complying with the traffic rules, it is fine to ride the e-bike and carry people or cargoes within the weight capacity.

10. Pay attention to changing tires

The tire change process may cause damage to the inner and outer tires. So it is better to pry tires with a special tire pry bar instead of finding a sharp object as alternative. When installing the inner tube, it must be leveled without folding.

 The life span of an e-bike tire is related to your personal habits. If you maintain it carefully, it will always accompany you. Love yourself, love your tires!

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