4 Points That Cannot Be Ignored When Choosing an Ebike

With the development of urbanization, do you feel that commuting by bike is becoming more and more inconvenient? At this time, if there is a special sale of electric bicycles, you may make a decision to buy electric bicycles soon. Please note that although electric bikes have many advantages, and many cyclists want to take advantage of these advantages, it may lead to many adverse reactions when you make a purchase decision quickly. In order to ensure that you buy the most suitable electric bicycle as much as possible, this article will introduce four tips to help you buy your favorite and suitable electric bike ideally and avoid mistakes.

Tip1: Purchasing with a plan

    First of all, when buying an Ebike, you need to have a clear and feasible plan. Although the trend of Ebike has become very popular in recent years, you should know how to use your new Ebike. Are you a mountain bike lover? Or road rage enthusiasts? Or white-collar workers who want to commute quickly? In any case, making a plan on how to use an Ebike in advance will help you make the best purchase possible. Not all electric bikes are designed for the same type of riding, so make sure you get something that suits your lifestyle. For some simple examples, if you weigh too much, choose a cart with a strong frame. In addition, you should also pay attention to choosing suitable cars in flat areas and hilly areas. If you are in Florida, please skip this one; If you're going to ride in the mountains, go with the fat tire and bring a larger battery.

Tips2: Maintain a suspicious attitude towards the parameters of the manufacturer's standard

   In an era of vigorous development of the advertising industry, no matter what products are produced or sold, manufacturers always boast the highest performance of their products or exaggerate. This usually happens in the mobile phone industry. For example, some Android devices boast about their battery capacity but actually use more power than the iPhone. Therefore, unless these statements are evaluated by an impartial third-party organization or evaluator (including user comments and sharing), they need to be skeptical.

     When it comes to buying an Ebike, you will need to question the manufacturer's performance statement. Electric bicycle manufacturers sometimes boast about their top speed. However, the reality is that every state in the United States has different speed limits for Ebikes. Therefore, don't overemphasize the engine, but choose an Ebike that meets the maximum speed specified by the state you are living in. In addition, there are some details about the battery capacity of the engine. The manufacturer can make some exaggerated introductions at will without violating the advertising law. You can't trust them without doubt, but you should carefully consult them and determine specific parameters, ask to view the data supporting their claims, and save screenshots.

Tip3: The battery is significant

   I mentioned batteries in the last tip. Batteries are essential. Compared with traditional bicycles, one of the most significant areas of Ebike is batteries. Therefore, the quality of batteries is a crucial factor to consider when buying Ebikes, perhaps the most important. Without past experience, you don't understand the importance of battery quality. Therefore, we must pay attention not to pay too high prices for inferior products. In order to ensure that you get the best quality Ebike battery, please compare some electric bicycles and their battery parameters, pay attention to the battery specifications of Ebikes, and then ensure that you have studied the batteries on the Ebike you want to buy most. Generally speaking, electric bikes produced by large manufacturers will be equipped with LG or Samsung batteries. You don't need to question a lot about their quality. This is also equivalent to a safe choice in multiple-choice questions, which is basically not easy to make mistakes.

Tip4: pay attention to after-sales service

    After-sales service is an essential part of the purchase process. Quality assurance is a sincere quality commitment. Brands that provide more extended quality assurance are more confident in product quality. Of course, a confident company will pay attention to after-sales service. Good customer service and a complete quality assurance system will undoubtedly make consumers feel safe and happy. Generally speaking, eBike on the market is guaranteed for one year. Of course, there are very few confident ones, such as Himiway and HJM bike. At the same time, it is worth noting that the Toury of HJM bike recently has activities, with a low price of $1599 and preferential activities. The most important thing is a 30 day free trial period! This is very rare in the eBike industry. If you are a novice in the electric bicycle industry and are not familiar with the electric bicycle industry, selecting and buying an electric bike may be a very tricky process. I recommend you try HJM's tour. At least you can return if you don't like it.

    Finally, suppose you see electric bicycles on sale and are considering buying one for yourself or relatives and friends. In that case, you should remember these three tips to choose the most suitable Ebike. There are many advantages of Ebike, but buying them blindly will lead to maladjustment and even terrible safety problems. When purchasing an Ebike, you will avoid stepping on mines, harvest your favorite Ebike, and have a comfortable ride by keeping these four tips in mind.