Tips for Riding Ebikes with Kids

There is that indescribable feeling of joy and freedom we get every time we get on our bikes as kids that many still can't shake away. It makes some sense that we want our children to enjoy the joy and freedom we experience and want to introduce them to cycling.

Kids are usually first introduced to cycling as passengers on their parent's bikes. From as low as 12 months of age, they can be allowed to accompany in the passenger seat.

It is not rare to see children getting their bikes from ages as low as 2 years.

There are some things to take into consideration when riding with children, some of which you may already be familiar with. Here, we will be presenting some tips for riding your e-bike with a child.

  • Safety Helmets

It is always best for riders to wear helmets when riding, no matter the age. The helmet is there to protect your head should you suffer a crash. Children are more likely to fall when riding bikes since they are less likely to have built up the necessary reflexes in case of a collision.

Therefore, it is important that all children wear a helmet every time they get on a bike. It is better to enforce this by setting an example yourself of a "no helmet, no bike" rule.

The helmet should fit snugly, so it does a proper job of protecting the head. Also, comfortable. Truth is, nobody wants to "enjoy" a ride with an uncomfortable helmet.

  • Reviews Before Riding

Before stepping on that pedal:

  1. Remember, as always, to perform pre-ride checks on your e-bike.
  2. Check your tires to see if you have enough air pumped.
  3. Check your brakes by squeezing to make sure they both work.
  4. Lubricate your chain if it appears rusty.
  5. Remember, a smooth chain equals a smooth ride.

Perform these checks on your children's bikes and if they're riding with you, try to get them involved in some pre-ride reviews. You could always find a way to keep it fun.

  • Choose A Destination

Don't just ride, have a location in mind too. When the children grow older, they will go out riding to ride, but for now, they will need a goal or destination in mind to maintain their focus. Without a known end-point in mind, your child can quickly become disinterested.

Choose a destination that is familiar to the child to have the image in mind to keep them focused. It could be a family friend's house, a family member's house, one of their friends' houses, the local park, the ice-cream van, or a small body of water.

Plan the route to the destination with them, so you can be sure to avoid busy roads and trails. Not only does it make cycling safer, but it is also more fun this way.

  • Carry The Essentials

Have a contingency plan when you go riding with your child or even on your own. Some items are important for your survival on the trails and to keep you in control of your circumstances to a point. These are your water, snacks, sunscreen, extra clothing, hats, etc.

Check that all loose clothing items are adequately tucked in and cannot be caught on the wheels of the e-bike.

  • Trail Etiquette & Rules of The Road

Proper trail conduct and traffic navigation are extremely important, not just for safety but also for helping a young rider find confidence. If a child has the framework regarding how to act around other commuters and traffic on the trail, they can begin to ride with greater confidence.


There are many ways to ride with children on e-bikes. The most popular methods of attaching children to your e-bike are:

● E-bike seats because they can be attached to the e-bike and allow your children to ride on your e-bike with you. The added incentive is that it allows freedom for conversation, as your child is within earshot and you can explore together.

Cargo ebikes. Cargo ebikes always have a high payload capacity. It is a good idea to choose a cargo ebike to have a family picnic with your kids, which is a great way to enhance family bonding

● Trailers are growing in popularity these days and are a great alternative to e-bike seats. With this, you can comfortably carry children up to around the age of 6. They don't influence your riding as much as e-bike seats do, and stay lower to the ground.


Knowing the above tips will help your child enjoy riding and want to repeat the sport.

However, if a child does not have fun cycling, they will not want to be quit riding. Therefore, it is significant to know that getting all the factors right is geared towards the singular goal of ensuring your child enjoys their riding experience and is happy to go out again and again.

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