6 Behaviors You Should Avoid When Riding an Ebike

Are you a newbie on the ebike? Have you considered some behaviors you have done maybe not right while cycling? This article will list six wrong behaviors you should avoid when riding an ebike.

1. Not familiar with your ebike

Whether you are a newbie or an old hand for an ebike, it is suggested that you should make sure you are getting familiar with your ebike before you start to ride with the new bike. It is crucial to know and get used to the motor, brake, hand signal, front and rear light of your bike due to the concern of safety. Make sure you are familiar with your ebike, and everything is prepared enough for safe riding.

2. Pedal bikes desperately when riding uphills

Some people will pedal their bikes desperately in order to climb uphill successfully, which not only uses too much effort but is a little harmful to your knees. It is suggested to choose an ebike with an adjustable gear speed. You just need to switch your gears flexibly to keep stable while riding uphills. HJM Toury and Step-thru equip with a 7-speed Shimano gear shift system, which is of high help when riding uphills. And the fat tire of it also caters to a different type of terrains.

3. Climbing in the wrong gears

You should not switch to the highest gear position when climbing, even though it is challenging to cross difficult sections. Too high gears do you and your bike no favors in the long run, if you are not fast enough, you will suddenly stop in the middle of the road. Be sure to choose the appropriate gear that allows you to pass through the slope smoothly.

4. Staring at the barrier block

Some people always habitually stare at obstacles on the road and want to avoid them when riding, but they bump into them directly. The reason is the ebike follows your sight. If you keep your eyes on the obstacles, your bike will move towards them naturally.

5. Never wear a helmet

Head injuries are the leading bicycle accidents. Wearing a helmet takes precautions against the risk of traffic. A helmet is not a must but is equipment that you should never ignore. The helmet will protect your head from injury or minimize damage. A helmet is a cheaper and easier way in case of accidents happening.

6. Bad cycling position

You might think cycling isn’t a rigorous exercise, but it also needs the right cycling position. If your knees are bending outward, this will cause severe pain in your joints down the road. Therefore, it is suggested to adjust the handlebar and seat of your ebike to a comfortable position for you. Adjustable seats and handlebar of HJM ebikes will help you ride more comfortably.

Final Thoughts

Due to the concern of safety and comfort of your cycling, it is better to avoid these bad behaviors. Choose a high-quality ebike and equipment, and it is time to enjoy the fun spring cycling!