Tips for Cycling in Summer

Cycling in the summer can be a blast when you know what you're doing. But as any seasoned cyclist knows, it's not easy to keep cool while pedaling. One might experience discomfort or heat exhaustion when riding in the summer heat. Therefore when riding in the summer, one should be prepared. The following are some riding tips for summer cycling:

1. Drink and stay hydrated

Drink more water, even more than you usually do. Drinking water is a key to staying hydrated and avoiding dehydration. A good rule is to drink 16-24 ounces (one to two water bottles) every hour while riding in hot conditions. One should also keep a bottle of water in your bag and drink it before stopping to eat or rest. Water helps keep you cool while riding. It also helps to replenish sweat loss.

2. Wear light-colored clothing

The sun will make you hotter in dark-colored clothing than if you were wearing light-colored clothing. It's best to wear white or see-through materials when riding on a hot day. Dark colors tend to absorb a lot of heat. Unlike dark colors, light colors do not absorb heat and help you maintain constant temperatures, thus keeping you more relaxed.

3. Wear sunscreen

Sunburn is annoying, but it can also lead to more severe problems. One should try to wear sunscreen clothing on sunny days whenever possible. This will help protect you from skin cancer and sun damage. There are even unique t-shirts made with built-in sunscreen protection, making them ideal for summer riding. If a cyclist must remove their shirt while riding in the sun, one should reapply sunscreen regularly throughout the ride.

4. Take your helmet with you

Most people think of a helmet to protect their head from injury, but wearing one can improve your riding experience this summer. Helmets are helpful when riding in warm temperatures as they help keep your head more relaxed and prevent heat stroke. Wearing a helmet also helps reduce neck strain and headaches.

5. Ride during more excellent parts of the day

When riding in hot weather, it is best to avoid riding in the middle of the day. It is a nice idea to get up early or wait until later in the evening to ride when it is cooler outside. Riding throughout the night is a good alternative. Early morning and late nights will be much more relaxed than mid-day, which will keep you from getting as hot while touring, especially if you are on a long ride.

6. Ride with a group

Riding in warm temperatures can make you feel alone when you are behind the wheel of your bike, but by riding with others, you can keep each other cool throughout a ride and have fun. If you don't feel like riding on your own, it's always best to ride with a friend or someone new. Having someone to ride with can help keep each other cool, relax and enjoy the experience. For example, a summer ebike adventure on a long trail ride will be more fun if you have an ebike rider. This will keep the heat down and make for a more enjoyable ride.

7. Ride an ebike

Electric bikes are a good solution for summer riding. Ebikes are more efficient, faster, and easier than any other bike. They take very little energy to pedal, and you can explore the world on them all day long. E-bikes also keep one relaxed and comfortable so that one does not overheat during the summer months. E-bikes can be used to see the sights of a city or town and then return to their bikes at the end of the day if one desires. E-bikes also help save money on gas while traveling, perfect for long-distance rides.

8. Do not Skimp on Electrolytes

One of the important parts of staying healthy during summer is maintaining proper hydration. Drinks with electrolytes can help you do this and boost your performance, especially when riding in the heat.IIt'simportant to balance your electrolyte intake against your hydration, so make sure to stay hydrated and avoid dehydration. There are many great drinks on the market for keeping cool and enjoying summer cycling.


Summer cycling can be a blast, but it is essential to be prepared. Riding in warm weather will make one hot and uncomfortable. One should try to remain cool while riding in the summer, and with these tips, this will become easier and more enjoyable.