The Best Father's Day Gift Ideas 2022 for Dads Who Ride

Having a dad who rides bikes is a blessing, but what to get them as a gift can be challenging. You want to get them something they will love and appreciate on fathers day, but you don't know what it is that they need or what they like. You could give many different things, but here are some father's day gifts that you can get your dad, who rides bikes without breaking the bank, and some ideas of what to get them.

1. Phone bag

If you have a dad who rides bikes and you have to take his bike out of the garage in the winter, you will probably want to protect his phone. A phone bag can be a great gift, and it is something that most riders would appreciate. A phone bag will keep your phone protected from the elements and prevent scratches from holding the case on the back of your phone. A phone bag is also great for keeping your phone dry when in-between showers, so you won't have to worry about getting water damaged. There are tons of different designs out there, but you can find one that fits all styles of phones.

2. First Aid Kit

If you have a dad riding bikes, then he has to ride in some particularly dirty areas. You can get him a first aid kit to help keep his scrapes and cuts clean and free of dirt. A first aid kit will also help if anyone else on the ride gets hurt. You can contact him with a small first aid kit if you don't want to spend too much money on it, or you could get him something more significant depending on how big of a trip they are going on.

3. Bike Repair Kit

If your dad rides ebikes, you will want to get him a bike repair kit. Most e-bikes will be electric, so it isn't like a regular bike and requires more maintenance than a normal bike. A repair kit is great because it gives your dad something handmade if you know how to do this sort of thing or if you have a friend who knows how to do it. A bike repair kit can be used for almost anything, and it will help your dad improve his riding skills.

4. E-Bike

An ebike is an excellent gift for your dad if he is not currently riding a bike. An e-bike is similar to a regular bike but has an electric motor to help you go faster than you could on a normal cycle. This can be particularly useful if you are going uphill and the standard bikes will get too much for you. An e-bike will help you get up those hills and make your ride more enjoyable. You can find an e-bike depending on your dad's likes and what he is currently using. You can find something that fits his style and also makes him quicker.

5. Extra Battery Pack

If your dad has an ebike, he will probably use his batteries when he rides. You can get him an extra battery pack that he can use for other things when it runs out. A spare battery pack will allow your dad to take his e-bike out of town and make longer trips if needed. E-bike accessories can be great for your dad because they are not always riding in the same place, and having a bike with a battery will give him the option to ride further.

 6. Bike Helmet

If your dad rides his bike a lot, he will be going into traffic more than most people. That is why he is probably going to want a bike helmet. A bike helmet can be found for any price, depending on what kind of lights you want it to have and how much it costs. You can find a bike helmet with bright lights if your dad prefers to ride at night, or he could get a cheaper standard hat if he doesn't care about the lights.


Most of these gifts are great for your dad, who rides bikes, and it is still difficult to pick what to get him. Look around and see what they would like, even if you have no clue, because they may have asked you to get something similar. These are some excellent gifts, and they will be sure to make your dad happy.