How to select a powerful motor electric bike?

How much do you know about ebike motors? Which type of ebike motor should I choose? You may have many questions about this. If you guys have browsed our website carefully, you will find that HJM Toury and Toury Step-Thru are both equipped with 750W brushless gear Hub Motor.  Do you know why HJM made such a choice? Let us learn together!

Geared hub motor or gearless hub motor?

The two are the main types of motors on the market. Normally, the maximum speed of a gearless hub motor is faster than that of a geared hub motor. However, why did we choose geared hub motor? 750W brushless gear Hub Motor delivers powerful torque to bring big power to the bike and rider to drive up the rugged ground easily. Besides, the gear hub motor can generate more torque at a lower speed, you will save more effort when starting the bike and going uphills or muddy roads compared to riding an electric bicycle with a gearless hub motor.

By the way, our bike is equipped with a 48V14A battery. The large-capacity battery ensures long-distance riding or long-term riding needs. As for battery life, geared hub motors can produce more energy with less electricity, so battery consumption is also reduced. And correspondingly, the battery life is longer and the riding range is wider.

So, geared hub motor electric bicycles meet the needs of most people in their daily use.

How to maintain the motor?

Generally speaking, the motor does not need special maintenance during normal use. Please check your motor frequently and tighten it immediately if it's not tight enough on your axle. If any screws or nuts are found to lose, they should be tightened in time to prevent the vehicle from breaking down due to the stranded wires to affect the safety of use. But, you are required to know that brushless motors are not waterproof, therefore, When driving on a water-filled road on a rainy day, the depth of the water must not be beyond the lower edge of the electric wheel hub to avoid motor failure.

Now, It is obvious that how to choose a powerful-motor electric bike, so joined the ebike community, feel and enjoy the funny world with HJM E-bike!