How to Ride an E-bike with Your Furry Friends

Now more and more people consider eco-friendly vehicles for their daily life. An electric bike could somehow be the first choice. If you are both bike lovers and pet lovers, you may be curious if you can ride a bike or an electric bike with your pet and how to ride.

Can I Ride an Electric Bike with My Pets?

When it comes to if you can ride a bike or an electric bike with your pet, the answer is yes!

As pet lovers, we want to have more fun with our pets. Riding an e-bike with your pets is practical and fun as long as you do enough preparation.

Tips for Ride an E-bike with Your Furry Friends

1. Check your bikes are working properly

Checking your bikes before riding should never be ignored. So does riding an ebike with your pets. Check whether your bikes are fully charged, and the motor is good. The brake is not damaged. It is the first step to ensure safety for you and your pets before the whole riding experience.

2. Find the best method for biking with your pets

You can do several things with your pets, like using a running leash, putting your pets in the basket, or fitting out a trailer for your pets. You could decide which way is the best according to their sizes and bias. Installing a basket in your ebike could be an excellent choice for your little cuties. A bike trailer may be better for these bigger guys. HJM designs a basket for HJM ebikes, which you do not need to consider what kind of basket to buy.

3. Ensure your pets are ready for biking

Firstly, familiarize your pets with your bikes before you set out. We all need to be familiar with the tools before we use them. Then, we should also consider their mood, energy, and health when riding an electric bike with our pets, especially the first time. Make sure that your pets will not overreact.

4. Bring along water/food for yourself and your pets

If you plan to have a long-range riding, never forget to bring enough food and water before you set out. Long-time riding will be exhausting. Stop and rest, eat something when you feel exhausted, or find that your pets are not energetic as the beginning of riding. What’s more, give them some food as praise to thank them for being a great cycling partner, which will enhance the relationship between you and your pets.

5. Follow local traffic laws of biking

Safe is the first! Please abide by the local traffic law when you are riding. If you choose a routine with heavy traffic, be careful and pay attention to the road condition. This is important, especially when you use a running leash to train your pet. We suggest you choose a comfortable area and moderate speed to ride. Or you can select an ebike of diverse speed modes.

Riding bikes with your pet can offer enough exercise not only for you but for your pets. Of course, it is fun, but you must ride your ebike properly and safely.