HJMBIKE offers a 15-day risk-free trial ride service, which is much longer than what most online stores offer. we have enough confidence in our product design and product quality. More important, we want HJMBIKE users to take enough time to consider whether they need an ebike in their daily lives.

We believe that ebikes are different from other commodities. Ebikes not only serve the purpose of transportation, they are also a statement of your lifestyle. when you choose ebiking as your way of transportation, it entails that you are choosing an environmentally-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

Ebikes retain the advantages of bicycles and further expand the applicability of bicycles.When the power in on, you can enjoy a speedier ride. You don’t feel fatigue after long rides; instead, you can shift your attention to the scenery along the road.

When the power is off, you get an excellent bike – pedaling with your own energy sends you forward. You may feel a little tired after long rides, but the joy of exercise is also real and long lasting.

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