More economical

Fuel is a non-renewable resource. With the large amount of usage, the availability of fuel will be decreasing rapidly, and the price will soar. So, if you are planning on having a car as your vehicle, you need to prepare a high budget and high maintenance costs. Compared to the prices of other similar ebike models and some carbon fiber bikes, the prices of ebikes by HJMBIKE are very friendly.

Electricity costs very little, and ebikes only require simple maintenance – just a few rags and a bottle of lubricant.

More efficient

Short rides less than 10 km make up the majority of our daily commute. Public transportation is the mainstream choice, but your travel plans sometimes succumb to the timetables of metros and buses – once you miss a bus or their schedule is adjusted temporarily, your schedules also have to change.

Choosing ebikes as the way of transportation is great considering that ebikes’ routes are more flexible. Ebikes can easily avoid traffic jams and can even pass narrow or crowded paths that public transportations have difficulty getting through. You can go out anytime, anywhere, make voluntary decisions, everything's up to you. The city's ebike can even be taken to subway stations just like a bicycle, so you'll have fewer travel restrictions.

More eco-friendly

Ebikes have no exhaust! Apart from bicycles, there are no other means of transportation as eco-friendly as ebikes. There is no waste generated in the process of riding ebikes. The batteries of ebikes by HJMBIKE even be recycled for more than 800 times. The battery recycling technology can efficiently take care of used batteries, so no need to worry about waste battery disposals!


For those who sit in the office for long periods of time, it’s very difficult to devote large blocks of time to exercise. The best times for exercising become the commuting time on weekdays and breaks during weekends. Ebikes have three modes: pure human, electric power assistance and pure electric power. The first two still require certain amounts of manual participation. For office workers, the power-assisted model is the most recommended. With the help of electric power, you won't feel exhausted even after riding for half an hour, and the less intense riding mode will help you relax your stress.

More Fun

Solo sports can be lonely, but group sports are carnivals. When you go out biking on weekends, you’ll meet others who share your interests in cycling. Cycling with friends and family in suburban parks are particularly relaxing, especially with a good ebike. When you feel tired, turn the power on, and riding becomes less tiring and more enjoyable instantaneously. It is recommended to choose an ebike to which can add accessories; this way, with accessories such as the baby seat, bags, racks, your ebike will become more versatile.

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