Welcome to HJM e-bike. We are always here to help you and glad to make suggestions for you. If you are still confused or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us online or via support@hjmbike.com.

Before sale

At the first stage, we provide two kinds of e-bikes, Toury and Toury Step Thru. The biggest difference is the size. The recommended height for Toury is above 5'7" and weight below 308lbs. While, the recommended height for Toury Step Thru is above 5'3" and weight also below 308lbs. 

Good news! More new e-bikes are coming soon. Please stay tuned for our updates.


Yes. We have many kinds of accessories for you to choice, including batteries, seats, lights, tires, rear view mirror, hats, helmets, basket and so on. All of them will be on our website very soon.

Discounts and promotions are currently not offered but still expectant. Please pay close attention to our website.


Stock orders will be processed in 24 hours and delivered by FedEx. We value your choice and process orders in a timely manner.

The average estimated shipping time will be 3-5 working days, while 7-10 working days for Alaska and Hawaii orders.

It may vary depending on the weather, distance, whether someone at home when order arrives and other force majeure. Please be patient for your order.

Free shipping for all orders of e-bike, except Alaska and Hawaii orders.

As for rejected packages or returned packages, the buyer should bear the freight back to HJM, which be deducted from the refund.

No tax is needed for you to pay. All prices on HJM website are with taxes included.

You can track your order on our website www.hjmbike.com.,or input your order number on the website www.123456.com.

Orders can’t be changed once placed. You can place a new order and cancel the old one before shipment.

If your order has been shipped, please contact us as soon as possible.

Orders can be canceled before shipment. While they can’t be canceled once shipped out. In such case, please contact us to apply for return in a timely manner.


We only support payment through Paypal now. You can collect a credit card to pay for the order.

HJM has no extra charge. The transaction fee may occur when you pay through Paypal.

Unfortunately, you can’t pay in installments at present. But it’s in our schedule and will come into realization soon.

Refunds will be processed to your original account in about 7-14 business days, depending on the bank or credit card issuer.

If your payment has failed, you need to place your order again. We’re not able to recover the order. So in order to avoid this situation, we suggest checking the following carefully when placing a new order:

1) Your order information (e.g., phone number, email address) before submitting your order; if you are shipping to a business address, make sure to put your name on the order.
2) Card details to make sure the information is correct (e.g., the expiry date and your billing address).
3) You card security code (the three-digit number on the back of your card).
4) If your card issuer declined your payment. The reasons for this are not disclosed to us, so you will need to check with them.
If you have checked all of the above and still fail, try paying with another card or form of payment.

Yes. We value your privacy and the importance of security in online transactions. HJM takes all necessary security measures to protect your credit card and other confidential personal information. HJM does not share this information with any other organizations.

About warranty

Any other questions not listed below about warranty, please refer to our warranty policy or contact our support team at support@hjmbike.com.

Each e-bike is covered with 18 months of warranty after receiving the order.

You can refer to warranty policy about the items applied and some exclusions, as well as the process to claim warranty.

About installation & maintenance

The frame and the rear part of the e-bike have been assembled for you. The things you need to install are the front wheel, batteries and some additional accessories you ordered if any. There is also a tool kit inside the package including necessary tools for you to install. You can download the video of installation for your reference and also read the instructions carefully before installation.

The design of HJM e-bikes is humanized with practical functions and easy operation. You can watch the video of detailed product introduction and operations to learn more about our e-bikes.

It typically takes 6-8 hours to charge the battery from empty to full. While, it may take longer to allow the battery management system to balance the battery, particularly when the bike is new or after long period of storage.

You can ride for distance of about 50 miles after battery fully charged (tested under circumstance of pedal assist level 1).

You can wipe the frame with a damp cloth. Or add some mild non-corrosive detergent to the damp cloth if necessary. Then dry the e-bike with a clean, dry cloth.

HJM e-bikes are water-proof. But you also need to remove the battery before flushing directly.

There are 4 terms of maintenance recommended for you. That is, daily maintenance, short-term maintenance, medium-term maintenance and long-term maintenance. Here is the detailed what-to-do list during each term.