The rearview mirrors allow you to see the traffic situation behind you clearly, more safer while riding.

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ATTENTION: If you cannot install the part correctly, and follow these steps safely, we suggest you find a certified bike mechanic for assembly, maintenance and repair.

Tools & Parts: the new rearview mirrors with a pair of mirror holders, a pair of mirrors, a wrench and two rubber sleeves.



1. Loosen the two bolts in the mirror holders, remove and put them aside, then install the mirror holders in the handlebar, put the rubber sleeve between handlebar and mirror holder, tighten the four bolts by using the matching wrench. (but do not tighten too much so you can adjust the mirror angle later)

2. Notice that the installation direction of the bolts, is the removal direction.

3. Rotate the mirror bolts upwards to expose the screw, rotate the mirror into the mirror holder clockwise, let the rearview mirror face the rear directly, then tighten the mirror bolts securely. Put on the rubber sleeve.

4. Make sure the position of the mirror is installed correctly, tighten the holder bolts with the martching wrenc finally.

5. You can rotate the mirror to change the horizontal and vertical of the mirror face, and adjust the mirror angle, so that you can clearly and openly see the situation behind you during riding.

6. Install one rearview mirror or a pair of rearview mirrors are all ok.



1. Check that the pair of mirror holders are fixed on the handlebar tightly, make sure the holders will not wobble.

2. Check that you can see the road behind clearly when you ride.

3. HJM suggests that not install the two rearview mirrors and phone bag on the handlebar together.

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