The rear wheel is 26”*4.0” and equipped with 750W brushless motor.

ATTENTION: If you cannot install the part correctly, and follow these steps safely, we suggest you find a certified bike mechanic for assembly, maintenance and repair.

Tools and parts: the new rear wheel, 19mm wrench, diagonal pliers



1. Remove the batteryto prevent the battery turn on during replacement.

2. Use diagonal pliers to cut the motor cable tie, unplug the connector of the motor cable and the controller。

3. Remove the bushes on both sides of the rear wheel axle, then use 19mm wrench to loosen the nuts counterclockwise. Loosen the nuts and washers, pay attention to the position of the washers。

4. Lift the end of the ebike, press down the rear wheel axle to take out the rear wheel. Note the chain, just put the chain hang on the derailleur.

5. Install the new rear wheel, lift the end of the ebike and install the chain on the freewheel.

6. Put the rear wheel axle into the frame bearing seat. Notice that the brake and rotor are on the same side.

7. Observe whether the rear wheel axle and the frame bearing seat are fully installed in from a horizontal perspective (if there is a gap, it must be compacted).

8. Use 19mm wrench to tighten the both sides of the rear wheel axle with nuts clockwise.

9. Pay attention to the installation positions of the inner and outer washers. If the positions are not installed correctly, it will cause danger. Then install the bushes on both sides of the rear wheel axle.

10. Locate the two sides of the motor and controller connector, carefully press directly together without twisting. Then fix the wire harness with a cable tie.

11. Install the battery.



1. Check that the rear wheel is installed correctly.

2. Check that the brake rotor is in the middle of the two brake pads, and check the function of the brake.

3. Press the button “i”to turn on the e-bike system, turn the throttle to check whether the rear wheel can work normally.

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