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Accessories: the new phone bag, with three parts in the bag: 360° rotating base, adjustable quick release(suitable for handlebar with a pipe diameter of less than 45mm) and rubber sleeve for handlebar protective.


1. Loosen the plastic nut of quick release and remove the nut, put the rubber sleeve into the inner circle of the quick release ring. Install the adjustable quick release in a suitable position on the handlebar, tighten the plastic nut of the quick release securely by hand.

2. Loosen the plastic nut of base and remove the nut, then install the base into adjustable quick release, let the ball on the quick release face up. Tighten the plastic nut of the base securely by hand.

3. Align the buckle on the back of the phone bag with the base, then install the bag on the base from bottom to top. When you hear a “bang”, it means that the phone bag and the base have been installed securely.

4. Adjust the phone bag angle by hand for your comfortable while riding, then tighten the plastic nut of the base tightly to confirm the phone bag will not wobble.

5. If you want remove the phone holder bag from base, press the red point shown in the pictrue, then remove the bag from the base.


1. Check that the base is fixed on the handlebar tightly, make sure the base will not wobble.

2. Check that the angle of the phone bag is comfort for your riding, and make sure the phone bag will not wobble.

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