The handlebar stem can be adjusted in height and angle.

ATTENTION: If you cannot install the part correctly, and follow these steps safely, we suggest you find a certified bike mechanic for assembly, maintenance and repair.

Tools & Parts: the new handlebar stem, 4mm Allen wrench, 5mm Allen wrench, three bolts



1. Loosen the four stem faceplate bolts with 4mm Allen wrench, remove and put them aside. Notice the washer on the bolt. Let the handlebar hang down naturally.

2. Loosen the two stem bolts with 4mm Allen wrench and one on the top of stem bolts with 5mm Allen wrench.
3. Remove the stem cover and stem.

4. Set a new stem into the head tube, put on the stem cover and tighten the stem cover bolt with 5mm Allen wrench, then tighten two stem bolts with 4mm Allen wrench.

5. Place the handlebar on the stem correctly. Put the wire harness in order, and ensure that the cables and wires are not twisted.

6. Center the handlebar and adjust to the angle for your comfortable ride, then tighten the four stem faceplate bolts evenly.

7. Adjust the stem angle using the 5mm Allen wrench on the side of the stem if needed, adjust the handlebar to the height that best for your riding.




1. Check that the bolts have been tightened and make sure the handlebar stem will not wobble.

2. Check that the angle and height of the stem is comfortable for your ride.

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