ATTENTION: If you cannot install the part correctly, and follow these steps safely, we suggest you find a certified bike mechanic for assembly, maintenance and repair.

Tool and part: the new front wheel



1. Remove the battery to prevent the battery turn on during replacement.

2. Put the e-bike in safe, flat ground to prevent damage.

3. Loosen the quick release, open the lever, turn the thumbnut on the other side of the wheel several turns to loosen it so the front wheel can be removed from the e-bike

4. Lift the front of the ebike and remove the front wheel carefully and put it aside, prepare some foam under the front fork.

5. Install the front wheel. Lift the front of the e-bike and put the wheel in the middle of the front fork, pay attention to brake rotor on the wheel and disc brake on the front fork are on the same side.

6. Install the front wheel axle into the front fork fluted legs and make sure the brake rotor is smoothly placed in the disc brake.

7. Locate the quick release lever, open thequick release lever and remove the thumb nut and one cone spring(opposite to thelever).

8. Insertthe lever from either side is ok.

9. Reinstall the cone springpointing towards the wheel hub, then thread the thumb nut onto the lever and turn tightly with lever open.

10. Then close the lever by hand without touching the brake rotor.

11. Install the battery.



1. Check that the front wheel is installed tightly.

2. Check that the brake rotor is in the middle of the two brake pads, and check the function of the brake.

3. Check whether the front wheel can perform well.

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