The headlight is waterproof.

ATTENTION: If you cannot install the part correctly, and follow these steps safely, we suggest you find a certified bike mechanic for assembly, maintenance and repair.

 Tools and parts: the new headlight, 5mm Allen wrench, 3mm Allen wrench, 10mm wrench, 8mm wrench



1. Unplug the two-pin headlight connector, you can see that two sides are red.

2. Loosen the headlight bolt with 5mm Allen wrench at the bolt head and 10mm wrench on the nut at the bolt end, remove the bolt and nut and headlight, then put them aside. Do not remove the fender.

3. Install the new headlight, align the headlight port with front fender mounting port and front fork mounting port.

4. Leave bolt and nut apart, stay the washer on the bolt. Use 5mm Allen wrench at the bolt head and 10mm wrench on the nut at the bolt end to tighten the bolt and nut.

5. Locate the two sides of the red, two-pin headlight connector, carefully align the internal pins and notches and external arrows, then press directly together without twisting to fully seat the connection.

6. Use 3mm Allen wrench and 8mm wrench to loosen the headlight angle adjustment bolt, tilt the headlight to the optimal position, and then tighten in place securely.



1. Check that the headlight and fender are installed tightly,.

3. Press the button “i”to turn on the e-bike system, make sure the front fender is in the center of the front fork and the headlight can illuminate the road.

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