The mechanical disc brakes pads on the ebike are a components for your safety. It is important that check the disc brakes perform well before each ride. The pads should be replaced when total thickness is less than 2.5mm.

ATTENTION: If you cannot install the part correctly, and follow these steps safely, we suggest you find a certified bike mechanic for assembly, maintenance and repair.

Tools and parts: the new brake pads, needle nose pliers, 5mm Allen wrench



1. Remove the disc brake caliper. (disc brake installation guide)

2. Remove the brake pads

a. Straighten the brake pad retention pin, use needle nose pliers to unbend the pin carefully until it is straight.

b. Remove the brake pad retention pin and put it aside.

c. Push the brake pads from the top of the caliper body and out through the bottom of the calliper, then remove the old brake pads.


3. Install the new brake pads

a. Put the brake pads into the configuration that they will be inserted into the caliper, the brake pad should be facing each other with the metal spacer between them.

b. Be careful not to touch the pads material on the new pads with your hands, the oil from your hands may cause the brakes to squeak or lose performance.

c. Pinch the brake pads together, then slide the brake pads into the brake caliper.

d. Replace the brake retention pin, bend the end of the retention pin to around a 90° angle with needle nose pliers carefully, so it can not slide out.


4. Reinstall the disc brake caliperl. (disc brake installation guide)



1. Check that the disc brake is installed securely.

2. Check the diac brake and other parts for interference.

3. Check the brake rotor in the middle of the brake pads and work well.

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