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-Q:Is this free?

A: Yes, it's completely free.

-Q:Besides providing the bike for me to do test ride, what else can Host do?

A: HJM Hosts are all real HJM users. In addition to sharing their HJM bikes, they can also share their real riding experience and usage skills with you.

-Q: What should I do if there is no way to contact the host of the test ride?

A: Sorry for what happened, you can try again or contact HJM service and let us help you make an appointment.

-Q:If I want to modify the test ride time, is that possible?

A: You need to negotiate with the host for a new test ride time.

-Q:Didn't find the test riding spot I wanted?

A: Sorry, we will add new test riding spots. You can also join the HJM Host project and become a host.

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Need More Assistance?

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