The Best Way to Carry a Spare Battery on a Long Ride

With the increased advancement of technology in transport, people are shifting from traditional peddling bikes to modern electric e-bikes. The e-bike is also known as Electric-Power Assisted Bicycle (EPAC) due to its motor and rechargeable batteries. The efficiency of e-bikes has seen a lot of bike users flocking to e-bike industry shops to make their orders. These electric bikes are fitted with dual or single electric batteries. More interesting about these e-bikes is that a spare battery can be used if the battery is depleted.

The e-bikes have seen the transport system transform into a sustainable and active system. These bikes can cover a long distance, even in rural areas, with less physical effort. An increase in the cycling of e-bikes has helped ease traffic jams on our roads. E-bikes are also flexible in passing terrains that other means of transport like buses cannot pass. Rural households can also afford these bikes as the price in shops is relatively low. For an e-bike to serve you well, you must be aware of the electric feature of the bike to be able to change the spare battery whenever it is depleted.

Is it worth carrying a spare battery?

Imagine that you have just decided to spend your free time on a mountain trip with your e-bike, and you are planning to dip yourself in scenarios filled with forest terrain and rivers. Then, halfway through the trip with your friends, you rely on the bike's battery is almost getting depleted.

What are you going to do? Suppose you had carried with you during your trip packing a spare battery for your e-bike. It would not take more than five minutes to plug in a full power source and proceed with your riding trip.

The truth is, the riding experience of an e-bike will be more convenient and safer by carrying at least a single spare battery as it extends the life of your battery. Examine the benefits of having an extra battery for your e-bike below.

Downtown exploration

One convincing reason for carrying a spare battery is its ability to give you peace of mind as you ride to and from your daily errands. For instance, if you are using a city e-bike and its battery power gets depleted while heading to the job. You will have to call your employer to inform them that you will be late. Probably you did not know that a properly powered e-bike battery can only go for an hour before its juice runs out. To avoid such stress, it's advisable to carry along a spare e-bike battery with at least 500w.

Convenient during countryside touring

If off-road e-bike riding in the mountainous terrain, unpredictably dangerous terrain, or remote forest trails is your hobby, consider carrying an e-bike battery. This will save your pedaling energy if the bike's battery goes down. The e-bikes are also double-weight the traditional bike, and having a spare battery will keep you from straining yourself pedaling or pushing it.

Options for the e-bike batteries

E-bikes have both dual and single options. The dual battery option allows the e-bike to have a great range. It essentially has two batteries. The disadvantage of the dual battery option is that it adds weight to the e-bike and cannot be retrofitted. However, the two batteries switch when a charge difference of 5% is detected. Whether using a dual battery e-bike or a single option, you need to know how to carry a spare battery.

How to Carry a spare battery

Upon your decision to carry a spare battery, you should know how to carry an e-bike battery. Weight consideration is important as the standard weight of an e-bike battery is 7 pounds.

Consider the rear rack carriage

Positioning your spare battery rear will balance the e-bike in case one is on the frame. The luggage space can also be used to carry the battery.

Mounted frame bags

If the main battery is located in the lower tube of the bike, this option is best. This will aid in the stability and balance of the bike.

Riding backpack

This option is only if you carry your backpack every time you are biking. It is mostly not advisable to take your spare battery this way in cases of fall. It can break or injure your back. You can also rear set pack to carry the spare battery.