Comparing the HJM TriHauler Pro, Lectric XP Trike, and Addmotor Grandtan II: Which E-Trike is Right for You?

Electric trikes (e-trikes) have become increasingly popular due to their stability, versatility, and convenience. They are perfect for commuting, running errands, or leisurely rides. In this blog, we will compare three popular e-trike models: the HJM TriHauler Pro, the Lectric XP Trike, and the Addmotor Grandtan II. We'll look at their key features, performance, and unique selling points to help you choose the right e-trike for your needs.

Overview of the Models

HJM TriHauler Pro

The HJM TriHauler Pro is a robust and powerful e-trike designed for heavy-duty use. It features a high-capacity battery, a powerful motor, and a sturdy frame, making it ideal for carrying heavy loads and navigating various terrains.

Lectric XP Trike

The Lectric XP Trike is known for its compactness and affordability. It is designed for urban commuters and casual riders who need a versatile and portable trike. Despite its smaller size, it offers impressive power and range for everyday use.

Addmotor Grandtan II

The Addmotor Grandtan II is a premium e-trike that stands out with its stylish design and performance. It features a powerful motor, a long-lasting battery, and advanced technological features, suitable for riders who want a blend of power, comfort, and aesthetics.

Key Features Comparison

Feature HJM TriHauler Pro Lectric XP Trike Addmotor Grandtan II
Motor Power 1000W rear hub motor 500W rear hub motor 750W rear hub motor
Battery Capacity 20Ah (option to add an extra 20Ah) 14Ah 20Ah
Maximum Range Up to 80 miles (single battery) / 150 miles (dual battery) Up to 60 miles Up to 85 miles
Braking System Three hydraulic disc brakes Two hydraulic disc brakes Three mechanical disc brakes
Display Full-color LCD LCD LCD
Suspension Front suspension fork Rigid fork Front suspension fork
Tire Size Front 24" x 4" / Rear 20" x 4" with reflective strips 20" x 2.6" with reflective strips Front 24" x 4" / Rear 20" x 4"
Weight 109.3 lbs 69.5 lbs 118 lbs
Maximum Load 480 lbs 415 lbs 450 lbs
Top Speed 20 mph 14 mph 20 mph
Assembly Fully assembled (install handlebar) Fully assembled (install handlebar) Install handlebar, front wheel, fenders, and light
Sensor Type Torque sensor Cadence sensor Torque sensor
Price $2499 $1499 $2699

Detailed Comparison

Motor and Performance

HJM TriHauler Pro: Equipped with a 1000W rear hub motor, the TriHauler Pro delivers exceptional power and torque, making it suitable for heavy loads and challenging terrains.

Lectric XP Trike: The Lectric XP Trike features a 500W rear hub motor, offering decent power for urban commuting and casual rides.

Addmotor Grandtan II: With a 750W rear hub motor, the Grandtan II strikes a balance between power and efficiency, handling various terrains smoothly and providing a robust ride experience.

Battery and Range

HJM TriHauler Pro: The TriHauler Pro comes with a 20Ah battery, with the option to add an extra 20Ah battery. This setup provides an impressive range of up to 80 miles on a single battery and up to 150 miles with dual batteries, ideal for long commutes and heavy-duty use.

Lectric XP Trike: Featuring a 14Ah battery, the Lectric XP Trike can achieve a maximum range of up to 60 miles, which is impressive for its size and price point.

Addmotor Grandtan II: The Grandtan II is equipped with a 20Ah battery, offering a maximum range of up to 85 miles, suitable for long-distance rides and various applications.

Braking System

HJM TriHauler Pro: This e-trike is fitted with three hydraulic disc brakes, providing superior braking performance and safety, especially under heavy loads and high speeds.

Lectric XP Trike: It has two hydraulic disc brakes, offering good stopping power and reliability for urban riding.

Addmotor Grandtan II: The Grandtan II features three mechanical disc brakes, ensuring effective braking performance and safety.

Comfort and Features

HJM TriHauler Pro: With a front suspension fork, the TriHauler Pro ensures a smooth ride even on rough terrains. The full-color LCD display enhances the user experience with clear and detailed ride information.

Lectric XP Trike: The Lectric XP Trike comes with a rigid fork, which might make it less comfortable on bumpy roads. Its LCD display provides essential ride information, though not as vivid as a full-color display.

Addmotor Grandtan II: The Grandtan II features a front suspension fork, ensuring a comfortable ride. Its LCD display offers standard ride information clearly.

Weight and Load Capacity

HJM TriHauler Pro: Weighing about 109.3 lbs, the TriHauler Pro supports a maximum load of 480 lbs, making it ideal for carrying heavy cargo.

Lectric XP Trike: At 69.5 lbs, it is the lightest of the three, with a maximum load capacity of 415 lbs, suitable for everyday commuting and light cargo.

Addmotor Grandtan II: The heaviest at 118 lbs, it supports a maximum load of 450 lbs, making it capable of carrying substantial cargo.

Assembly and Sensors

HJM TriHauler Pro: This model comes almost fully assembled. You only need to install the handlebar. It features a torque sensor, which provides a smoother and more responsive ride by adjusting the motor power based on how hard you pedal.

Lectric XP Trike: Also mostly assembled, requiring only the handlebar installation. It uses a cadence sensor, which measures the rate at which you pedal and provides motor assistance accordingly. This is simpler but might feel less intuitive than a torque sensor.

Addmotor Grandtan II: Requires more assembly, including the handlebar, front wheel, fenders, and light. It also uses a torque sensor, providing a more natural riding experience by varying motor assistance based on pedal force.


Each of these e-trikes offers unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. The HJM TriHauler Pro is perfect for those needing a powerful, high-capacity e-trike for heavy-duty use and long distances. The Lectric XP Trike is ideal for urban commuters and casual riders looking for an affordable, compact, and versatile trike. The Addmotor Grandtan II offers a blend of power, comfort, and modern design, suitable for those who want a premium riding experience.

By understanding the strengths of each model, you can choose the e-trike that best fits your lifestyle and riding requirements. Whether you prioritize power, range, comfort, or load capacity, these e-trikes provide excellent options to enhance your riding experience.