10 Tips for Riding and Storing Your E-bike in Spring

Alright. so you've taken the first step and bought your new E-bike. Now it's time to learn how to take care of it! We've put together our top 10 tips that you need to know to keep a healthy bike.

1. Where should I store my bike?
Ideally, it would be helpful if you stored your bike in a dry and cool place that's safe from humidity. Typically, a garage or yard shed is ideal for storing your E-bike. You can also install a small bike rack in your chosen location for extra security if you prefer.

2. How do I charge my E-bike?
Each bike is different and will have specific guidelines on the proper way to charge the battery. Typically all you need to do is remove the battery from the bay in the bike, make sure to switch it off, and charge it using the charger that came with the bike. It will usually take 4-8 hours to fully charge depending on the make.

3. How often should I charge my battery?
When it comes to charging your battery, the best practice is to make sure to charge your bike after every ride. It is also important to note that you aren't using your bike for long periods. You should still make sure to charge the battery every two to three months to ensure it stays healthy.

4. How do I best look after my battery?
One big factor in determining how long your battery performs at its best is how you store it. Extreme cold or heat severely impacts its ability, and therefore it should be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

5. What can I do to keep my E-bike safe?
An E-bike is an investment, and like any other investment, you want to protect it. That's why it is worth your time to purchase some form of anti-theft accessory. An anti-theft alarm works just like a car alarm. With its own remote to arm and disarm. If your bike is moved while activated, an alarm will be activated. Keep your bike safe whether you're storing your bike in your own home or when parked in public!

6. How do I use features like the Pedal Assist and Throttle?
Quick answer? Slowly. As you're getting used to riding with these features, you give yourself time to adjust to how they affect your cycling. Ideally, find a flat area and slowly increase the levels of pedal assist and throttle (separately) until you're comfortable with how it feels.

7. What should I do to keep myself safe?
Rule number one. Always wear a helmet. It seems simple, but as well as the risk of cars, an E-bike can travel at 28mph, so it may hurt more than a little if something happens; it's always important to look after yourself properly. As well as this, make sure to have efficient lights on your bike so that you're able to be seen at all times.

8. Do I need to service my E-bike?
As well as making sure to keep your bike clean, it's important that you take your bike to be serviced at least once every season. Most normal bike shops will work with E-bikes without problem but be sure to call ahead.

9. What other maintenance do I need to keep up with?
It's important to check your breaks regularly, make sure all of your nuts and bolts are tightened, and that your tires are looking healthy. This, along with regular cleaning of your E-bike, will help prolong its life overall and let you ride better for longer.

10. How can I safely wash my bike?
When washing your E-bike, it's important that you don't use a power washer or powerful hose. Instead, you should use a cloth and either a low-pressure hose or a basin of soapy water and dry it by hand after washing. You should ideally be cleaning your bike once or twice per week.

We hope that these tips help you get started on your journey, and if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact our team!